ProAcqua® Zn EDTA nutrients are a dry microgranulated EDTA with a proprietary adjuvant package formulation that can be used on all crops grown in field or controlled environments, and is designed to be a part of a balanced fertility program.

Derived from Zinc EDTA
All Crops

Key Benefits

  • Essential for protein synthesis
  • Provides greater integrity to cell walls
  • Aids in grain development through improved pollination
  • Improves root growth and root hair development
  • 100% soluble
  • Uniform coverage
  • Fast leaf penetration
  • Highly compatible with phosphate-based fertilizers, herbicides and most crop protectants
  • Provides flexibility in storage, transport and blending
  • Private label and multiple packaging options available
  • Dust-free
Guaranteed Analysis
Zinc (Zn)
100% Water Soluble
Product Specifications
Appearance Color Solubility (%) pH 10% Solution
Microgranule White 100 6.6