Elevate Ni

Mo Ni* Co

ProAcqua® Elevate Ni nutrients are an innovative formulation which delivers Molybdenum, Chelated Cobalt and Nickel that can be used on all crops grown in field or controlled environments, and is designed to be a part of a balanced fertility program.

Derived from Nickel EDTA, Cobalt EDTA and Sodium Molybdate
All Crops

Key Benefits

• Increases nitrogen use efficiency and formation of amino acids
• Aids in reducing ethylene synthesis
• 100% soluble
• Uniform coverage
• Fast leaf penetration
• Highly compatible with phosphate-based fertilizers, herbicides and most crop protectants
• Provides flexibility in storage, transport and blending
• Multiple packaging options available

Guaranteed Analysis
Molybdenum (Mo) 100% Water Soluble 26.00%
Nickel (Ni*) 100% Water Soluble 2.40%
Cobalt (Co) 100% Water Soluble 1.20%
*Not listed on the product label in some states
Product Specifications
Appearance Color Solubility (%) pH 10% Solution
Microgranule Rose 100 6.4